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Undaunted Apparel Collection

Undaunted is not only a brand, but a lifestyle. Our brand, and now entire marketplace, is derived by individuals that believe that the freedoms we enjoy today are from the sacrifices of true heroes and the hardships their families have endured. Check out the Undaunted brand and you will see our symbolism and graphic design resonates appreciation for our troops.

Friends of Metro S.A.R.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search & Rescue Unit is an organization of paid and non-paid professionals dedicated to saving lives through rescue, emergency medicine, and safety education. It is our duty to provide the highest level of skill and best possible care to those who call upon us for help.

TJ Lavin

TJ Lavin the “King of Dirt” and an all around amazing and undaunted human being that Undaunted Apparel is proud to support and represent with apparel that matters!

Team 5 Collection

Team 5 is composed of special forces, medical practitioners, survival experts, and civilian ultra-athletes who are MD’s, RN’s and so much more! This undaunted group is a non-profit, SOFMED, veteran foundation that travels to extreme and remote locations all around the world to provide medical care to those who are often forgotten and overlooked.

x3 Nation Collection

X3 Nation is a closed group Forum on Facebook created by Robbie Lunsford. It is a page personally reviewed and allowed by only Robbie to be a member of and post only things that pertain to Can-am enthusiasts. We were personally asked by Robbie to create a branded line for people to wear their passion. All of our products you see here are created specifically for the like minded individuals to enjoy.

Pedaling Against Poaching Collection

We increase awareness of the senseless and tragic poaching of Rhinoceros, for their horn. We commit to spread the word about the Rhino poaching epidemic, and to let people know how they can help fight the good fight. These Critically Endangered Animals are in desperate need of our help now more than ever.

Car Dads Collection

CarDads and car families are everywhere, which is why Team CarDads have created a custom apparel line specifically for people who love the car life. We welcome people to join our car family and discussion, focused on a healthy & safe family-car lifestyle.

Reif Racing Collection

Meet Tanner and Tyler Reif. These two brothers have been racing all makes and models since they were 4 years old. These two boys haven’t missed a second, skipped wheel time, or seat time since they started. Support the Reifs and enjoy their climb to the big leagues.

U.S. Steel Box and Cart Co. Collection

Welcome to the ultimate system for outdoor life! Make life safe and secure while you camp, work, race, or play outdoors with this pole receiver system. Display a flag for your country, raise an umbrella for shade or shelter! This system is designed to easily bolt into any flat 2″x10″ surface in the bed of your truck, trailer, truck box, virtually anywhere! American made products with American made steel

Grr Racing Collection

Michele Abbate a professional racecar driver in the Trans Am series and three time US road racing champion. She has made it to the top step of pro racing through hard work, perseverance, and determination.

Never give up, find a way to make things happen, that is the no excuse mentality of Grr Racing! Motorsports is not for the weak, weary, or easily defeated.

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UNDAUNTED: Not Discouraged or Disheartened; Resolutely Courageous. Be The Change. It is NEVER too late, and you are NEVER too old to become BETTER. WEAR WHAT MATTERS with UNDAUNTED APPAREL. FIGHT Animal Poaching with Pedaling Against Poaching, I say we hunt the Poachers. They say Money isn’t everything, but what can you do without it. Less Phone, More Cuddle. Are you still reading, GOOD. We have a lot to share. Are you a Dad or Mom that loves Cars, check out our CARDADS Products. When I am in the outdoors, I use U.S. Steel Products to stay warm, cook food, enlighten my area for work and fun. Lets go Racing with GRR and Reif! Build / Race / Fix / Repeat. America is all about Speed, hot nasty bad-ass Speed – Eleanor. If you ain’t First, you’re last. Help the third world with TEAM 5. Because of our Nation’s Veterans we are FREE. I am all that is MAN. Please Be Kind-Check out our TJ Lavin Line. For Love of Country. United States of America. Merica. Check out our special projects and for goodness sake, will you help one another. Through individual numbers, we can make a difference.
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