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A company started by a group of individuals that believe in the principles of FREEDOM, where and how FREEDOM was derived and maintained.

Undaunted Apparel appreciates the true heroes, our VETS for the sacrifices they and their families have endured. We do what we can within the community to help and support where we can. UNDAUNTED by definition – Not Discouraged or Disheartened; Resolutely Courageous.

Undaunted over the years since 2012 has become a very broad ranged company.  We started off as a brand only but we had many people and companies that started asking us how and where we got our stuff because they liked it so much.  That is when we thought wow, there is some possibility here.  So, we started doing contract sales for other companies and brands as a service.  Performing services for other companies now has brought us to where we are today.

But, we never forgot our roots of being a brand to give back and help the community.  That is a lot of where our TEAMS page comes in, some of our TEAMS are Veteran organizations, animal rights, and athletes.  Our athletes come from personal friendships, athletes that reach out to us directly wanting to be a part of the TEAM etc…

Not only do we work with other brands, and companies directly about producing their product needs we decided to bring it to our website as a full custom online portal to everyone shopping online.  Check out our DESIGN YOUR OWN tab at the top of our website and see all of the cool items we have that you can literally upload your logo, design and order right from your finger tips.  We are constantly uploading new items and a huge range of online art and graphics you can use to create your designs.

We are very proud of this new website and are constantly adding new products, branded and blank for custom orders.  New TEAMS, Special Projects and new relationships.  We have added a Rewards Program as well as an Affiliate program to allow people to make some extra income as they share their experience with our company.  If you have something to say, good or bad about our company and or services please do so by writing us a message so we can put it on our testimonials or to direct product discussions.  We hope that you enjoy your time on our site and find it useful.


not discouraged

Resolutely CourGEOUS

Happy Customers

"Love the product quality! The t shirts are so soft and they can handle getting washed a lot! I am very pleased with our companies order of t shirts!"

Terry T.

Las Vegas, NV

This is a fantastic company! I cannot put into words the respect and admiration I have for them. When my wife ordered shirts and they didn’t come no questions asked 2 more were sent out!! Customer service at it’s finest! Thank you for being awesome! If you know about this product then you know it’s not a saying it’s a life style!!

Eric M.

Grand Haven, MI

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