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Who is Skull Rush? 

Skull Rush Off Road Media - We're all about the action, the sport, the rush! We race in the desert, film off-road races, produce and edit extreme videos. We 4x4, crawl, mud, and race in the dust! We get our cameras in the dirt, shoot 1080p and 4K like no one else! We shoot the Mint 400, Baja, film SNORE, SCORE, BITD, and more.  Off Road Racing, Trophy Trucks, Desert Racing, Extreme Sports Video Production, Film Crew, Race Team Marketing, Sugar Skulls, and Dirty Caffeine, we are Skull Rush.  

What is Skull Rush? 

Skull Rush is a lifestyle, hobby, passion, and most importantly, a state of mind! You know if you’ve experienced it; the adrenaline of waiting to see the green flag drop, the pressure of the five point harness, nothing compares to the rush of desert racing!

Where is Skull Rush?

Skull Rush is located in Las Vegas, NV. Those who dare to skull rush are located throughout the world. Wherever you find the smell of race fuel in the air and the dusty grit of desert sand in your teeth you’ll find the elite members of the Skull Rush Family. Show your off-road-itude in style with these super quality products done up right here in Las Vegas, NV by our friends at Undaunted Apparel!

In the dirt, on the trail, off the beaten path, in a silt bed in Baja, in the Mojave Desert, shooting motorsports videography is where you’ll find Skull Rush. We know what it feels like to go bouncing through the desert at 130mph and it is a skull rush!  



 Wear What Matters and be Undaunted: Not Discouraged or Disheartened; Resolutely Courageous.


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