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 May 11, 2020


Face Masks $8.99. add N95 PM 2.5 Filter for $3.00

DESIGN YOUR OWN! Custom Face Masks


Well this not a product we wanted to launch but now here it is. We took as much as we could learn from many other people and medical people including Eric “Hammer” Linder of TEAM 5 Foundation on the best way to put these together.

Our face mask is cut to the shape of a face so that it comfortably fits below the chin and above your nose. The outer and inner layer of material is a Muslin 100% pure cotton material free of bleach and chemical. We put a ECO Solvent, ECO friendly water based print on the surface of the material.

THESE MASK ARE NOT A GUARANTEED AND/OR A TESTED MEDICAL DEVICE. However, there is a hidden sewn-in filter compartment so that you can place a N95 PM2.5 filter for added safety. N95 PM2.5 filter NOT INCLUDED but can be added for $3.00.

Our face mask also comes included with each one, a metal nose strip that you can place on the mask to fit to the shape of your nose.

When you receive your mask, we recommend that you place it in your microwave for 30 seconds to make sure there is nothing on or in the bag it came in. After you wear the mask, you can clean it by washing it in your normal washing machine cycle on low heat and tumble dry low. Do not put the mask in the microwave once you have placed the metal nose strip on the mask if so desired.

This is a 100% supplied, printed, cut and sewn product MADE IN U.S.A. by Undaunted Apparel

We at Undaunted Apparel will donate 1 for every 5 face masks purchased to a Front line Responder by The TEAM 5 Foundation.

If you want these prints for an adult, we have two sizes; S/M and L/XL. Simply put the size that you want in the comments or note box at check out.

We at times have PM2.5 filters in stock, you can choose to have a filter added to each of your masks or one at a time on the selection at the bottom of the purchase menu. However, if you want to know what to buy this LINK HERE is the best we can suggest. We have no ties to the filters what so ever. If you can find them go for it. We have ordered them multiple times and they are hard to come by. The stock is always running out.

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