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For the Love of Cars! CarDads Facebook group was created to provide a place for family-oriented car people to discuss & share their passion and love for cars. 

CarDads and car families are everywhere, which is why Team CarDads have created a custom apparel line specifically for people who love the car life. We welcome people to join our car family and discussion, focused on a healthy & safe family-car lifestyle. Find us on Facebook, simply introduce yourself, and invite your friends! P.S. CarMoms are welcome too! 

Send us an email and tell us all about your car life. We invite you to share your hobby, stories, pictures, investment projects, restorations, car-cations, repairs, anecdotes, and experiences. All car enthusiasm welcome!

Wear What Matters and be Undaunted: Not Discouraged or Disheartened; Resolutely Courageous.



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