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Undaunted Apparel is proud to recognize Team 5 as being truly Undaunted.
With their home base right here in Las Vegas, Team 5 can now be supported both financially and publicly by providing them with custom, wearable merchandise.
Team 5 is composed of special forces, medical practitioners, survival experts, and civilian ultra-athletes who are MD’s, RN’s and so much more! This undaunted group is a non-profit, SOFMED, veteran foundation that travels to extreme and remote locations all around the world to provide medical care to those who are often forgotten and overlooked. 
Team 5 succeeds because of sponsorship, donations, and the dedication of volunteers. 
Are you ready to wear what matters?! 
Undaunted Apparel is proud to welcome TEAM 5.
Undaunted Apparel and Team 5 have come together to bring you custom t-shirts, custom stickers, and more items to support Team 5 live and work Undaunted.

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