Transfrontier Africa
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Taking the Lead in Conservation projects throughout Private Nature Reserves that form part of the Greater Kruger National Park.


RESEARCH - We are very proud of our Research Facility which was established by Craig Spencer and have been successfully welcoming National and International Bachelors, Masters and PhD students from leading universities in South Africa and the world. We strongly believe in the power of science and research in Conservation as it allows us to understand the impact our management practices have on wildlife, and helps us develop the policies and approaches that let wildlife and communities successfully thrive in harmony with each other.

WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT - Our goal is to balance the needs of wildlife and people because both are at the heart of conservation of the biodiversity on our planet. Our wildlife management strategies are always supported by science to ensure the best outcome. Our teams do regular monitoring of certain species, and game counts twice a year, and assist with animal rescue and rehabilitation.

WILDLIFE SECURITY & ANTI-POACHING - Successful wildlife management goes hand in hand with Wildlife Security and protection of our iconic species, their habitats and people. In 2013 the emerging problem of rhino poaching pushes us to approach this issue in a non-conventional way. This is how The Black Mambas, world first all-women Anti-Poaching Unit was born. Not only The Black Mambas reduced the number of poaching incursions by 62%, bush mean poaching by 89%, snaring by 99%, they also eliminated property break-ins.

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