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We at Undaunted Apparel are not only a branded line but a custom shop.  It doesn’t matter what you want your name, brand or company on we do it.  Below is a quick description of our list of services.

 SCREEN PRINTING – Our minimum quantity for screen print is 50 pcs. per design.  Screen printing is based on the order quantity, the amount of colors in the design and how many locations of the print.

 DIRECT TO GARMENT – Direct to garment is a digital print process.  Our minimum is literally 1, but of course 1 of anything is more expensive than a bulk order.  The amount of colors does not matter in DTG but the amount of ink volume does calculate pricing.  Printing on dark color shirts is higher priced compared to printing on lighter colors garments much like painting a wall.

 SUBLIMATION PRINTING: Sublimation printing is only used when printing on 100% polyester products or garments.  These products consist of sport shirts, mouse pads, koozies, umbrellas, neck gators, all kinds of stuff.  It is very cool because the printing is dyed right into the fabric and very long lasting.

 HEAT TRANSFER: Heat transfer prints are used for team jerseys, lettering, numbers, high color logos on hats and all kinds of promo items.  We do this process on moto jersey’s, baseball, football, soccer, etc…

 EMBROIDERY: Well embroidery is just embroidery, we do lots of it.  We can do flat, PUFF which is also know as 3D, small orders and big orders.  We can do hats, polos, jackets, back packs you name it.  The first step to custom embroidery is digitizing your logo for embroidery.

 VINYL AND BANNERS: Stickers, wraps and vinyl is a big part of what we do.  We can do small orders of stickers, labels, big orders of stickers, wraps for cars, vans, trailers, signage whatever again that you want your branding printed on.  Banners, oh yeah that is an easy one, regular banners, perforated banner material we can do it.

 PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: This category is crazy broad, we can do pens, cups, frisbees, footballs, business cards, rack cards, flyers and the list goes on and on.  What do you want your logo on we do it.

 If we don’t have it listed here, then just simply ask us about what we can do or specify on the order form to the best of your knowledge and we will help you from there.  The first step is to fill out the form and be as clear as you can if possible.

Please download fill out our custom order form and fill it out completely (to ensure a speedy turnaround).

Then email it sales@undauntedclothing.com along with your artwork file

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