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Vector My Logo makes life easy when you need your art or design file to be high resolution for printing in any size.  We made this super easy for you.  All you need to do is upload your design, place it into the work space and click buy.  We will take your art or design file and regenerate it to all seperate layers for each element of your design.  This will allow anyone with an art program to modify or change colors with ease.  It will also allow you to print your design as big or small as yow want on anything in the highest of quality.  After your art is vector, we can produce your logo on just about anything with ease.  You will be able to have us at Undaunted provide you with contract pricing for larger volume.  Or, of course you will get what you need to go anywhere you want or print yourself.

What you get in return is all file types, you will receive a digital pack in these types of files; Adobe Illustrator or .ai, PDF for viewing purposes, .png for web purposes or quick application.  If your design or file has fonts, we will also send to you a font pack so that you can install it on your computer or anyone that needs to use it.

Lead times, depending on complexity it is between 3-5 business days to get your file or design returned to you complete.

Screenprint Seperations also known as SEPS is another step in order to make your art screenprint ready.  Again, depending on the complexity of your design this can take some time.  It may take up to an additional 3-5 days.  In order to screen print a logo seperations must be done.  We have to seperate every single color way in to its own layer for screens to be made for print.  We also have to take every single layer and create what is called a base layer for the primer layer or base to be laid down on dark colors before the actual color is printed.

Digital asset, no size limitation or paremeters applicable. 

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