Undaunted – Not Discouraged or Disheartened; Resolutely Courageous

Undaunted Apparel is happy to recognize Team 5 as being truly Undaunted.

Undaunted Apparel encourages you to Wear What Matters and support Team 5 and their Undaunted cause.
With their home base right here in Las Vegas, Team 5 can now be supported both financially and publicly by providing them with custom, wearable merchandise.
Team 5 is composed of special forces, medical practitioners, survival experts, and civilian ultra-athletes who are MD’s, RN’s and so much more! This undaunted group is a non-profit, SOFMED, veteran foundation that travels too extreme and remote locations all around the world to provide medical care to those who are often forgotten and overlooked.

This is what makes Team 5 Undaunted:

Find the hardest locations

Make sure we are the first in

Teach a medical skill set, run dental, medical and Ultrasound Clinics

Leave them with supplies to be self sufficient

Team 5 succeeds because of sponsorship, donations, and the dedication of volunteers.
Are you ready to Wear What Matters?!
Undaunted Apparel and Team 5 have come together to bring you custom t-shirts, custom stickers, and more items to support Team 5 live and work UNDAUNTED!

TEAM 5 2020 WORLD EXPEDITION T-SHIRTHelp us Help them and show off this custom t-shirt. Merchandise goes to supporting T5 financially, custom t-shirts spread the message by sparking conversation.

Team 5 2020 t-shirt


TEAM 5 R.E.D FRIDAY T-SHIRTUndaunted Apparel is proud to offer this Team 5 R.E.D Friday t-shirt.                           Remember Everyone Deployed

Every Friday is R.E.D Friday. Originating sometime in 2005/2006 with an old school email chain letter, RED Friday was created to remind people of our heroes overseas and show that we are thinking of them. People across the country wear red every Friday to serve as a reminder and spread the message of how important it is that we keep our troops in our thoughts.

TEAM 5 CUSTOM STICKERS & HATS Undaunted Apparel and Team 5 have come together to bring you custom t-shirts, custom stickers, and custom EVERYTHING so you can Wear What Matters and support Team 5 and their Undaunted cause.

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